Planning an installation

Installing NetSupport School is exceptionally easy and you should be up and running within a very short time.

Decide what functions to install

If you wish to manage the class as the teacher, you will need to install the Tutor (Control) on your machine.

On every student machine you wish to connect to, you need to install the Student (Client).

To allow technicians to manage and maintain the school's network, as well as providing technical support, you can install the Technicians' Console.

Note: The NetSupport School Tutor is configured to use TCP/IP.

Recommended method to connect to Students (Clients)

Room Mode is a quick and easy method to connect to the Students in a given room. A start-up wizard will allow you to assign machines to a particular room, and, at the start of a lesson, the teacher simply indicates which of the pre-defined rooms they wish to connect to. 'Roaming' Students also have the option of connecting to a designated room.

The Room settings can also be configured at the Student in the NetSupport School Student Configurator.

Other ways to connect the Tutor to the Students are via Browse modeClosed Browse the network and connect to Students with a specific machine name., PC modeClosed Connect to a fixed list of Students by machine name., User modeClosed Connect to a fixed list of Students by logged-on user name. or SIS modeClosed Connect to your SIS environment using ClassLink OneRoster or Google Classroom..

You are now ready to install NetSupport School Tutor and Student programs.

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